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Eric Bersano

Legal Marketing Experience


I have been working with law firms since 2006 as a legal marketing consultant. My career started with FindLaw where I became one of the top reps in the country. I soon realized that their model created a conflict of interests for all of their clients. How could they possibly advertise hundreds of attorneys in the same market for the same practice areas? Realizing that it wasn’t possible to provide great service to each client I started my own legal marketing company. I also worked with a TV agency focused exclusively on law firms where I rounded out my legal marketing expertise. My experience in attorney advertising ranges from organic SEO, to Paid Search, to TV, to print. There may be a handful of people in the country that understand each of these mediums as well as I do.

I’m currently working at iLawyer Marketing to provide SEO services to attorneys who are looking to dominate their market and specific practice area. iLawyer has made it their mission to be the best at what they do when it comes to marketing law firms online. Our packages are semi-exclusive, never working with more than 3 attorneys in one market. Our premium service has no entry level price point. The goal is to achieve dominant results for every law firm that partners with us. That takes experience and hard work applying the techniques that will actually result in qualified traffic that converts.

My unique experience in legal marketing sets me apart from other legal marketing consultants. I understand SEO, Paid Search, TV, Radio and print. I also know the benefits and risks for each. I’m happy to provide a free consultation to anyone who is interested in creating a consistent stream of clients to their firm. Contact me to set up an appointment.

Attorney Bruce Abel

Eric is one of the best business consultants I have ever used. He is incredibly knowledgeable in his field. He diligently works with his clients to get outstanding results. Moreover, he is the ultimate gentleman. I highly recommend Eric for any attorney seeking guidance in internet marketing and development.

Attorney Howard Kornberg

Eric was great to work with on my marketing and internet advertising programs. He was focused and followed through on the project and has been helpful and creative in his effort to distinguish my business and create new contacts and clients. I would highly recommend working with Eric for your internet marketing needs.