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Four Legal Marketing Tools


Search Engine Optimization is the process of building and maintaining a website that Google will reward with high rankings. No one can expect to rank at the top of the page for every term but if you can get into the top 5 spots for the majority of the high value terms, it will have a huge affect on your bottom line. In the legal world that means terms like:
These terms are incredibly competitive specifically because they are so valuable to the law firms who litigate these types of cases. SEO is a combination of:
Your website architecture makes it easy for Google to index the information you have. They also use machine learning to rate how quickly your site loads and how easy it is to navigate.
Great content is the use of text, images and video to inform your visitors on a particular subject better than your competitors.
In order to get quality links you need to have quality content. You need to give other websites a reason to refer to your site for more information.

Pay Per Click

Paid advertising is a great way to drive traffic to your website. The vast majority of people will click on organic links but data show that people who are in a “buying mode”, that means, looking to hire and attorney, will click on ads. It is crucial to give them a good experience on the landing page you’re driving them to in order to get the most out of your budget.
Just because you get a visitor does not mean that person will contact you. Your landing page needs to provide all of the answers that person is looking for. Make sure your landing page is compelling enough so the visitor doesn’t feel the need to continue shopping for an attorney. Consumers looking for an attorney want:
This may seem obvious but this information needs to be easy to find and convey the message better than your competitors. Make sure to keep your verdicts, settlements and testimonials up to date. List a variety of cases that you handle so that a potential client can see experience in their particular matter.
Make sure you hire someone who understands how to run a paid advertising program or lawyers. There are lots of toggles and switches that can be used to reduce your cost per signed case. The line between a successful campaign and one that loses money is very thin. Once extra case per month may be the difference between making money or losing it.

Social Media

Facebook, Instagram and other social media platforms are becoming good tools for attorneys to bring in new clients. Each has its own positive and negative that can be case specific. For example, Instagram may be a great platform for mass tort cases while Facebook could give you a better return on signal even cases. You won’t know what is best for you until you try but you can usually test these platforms out with a modest budget until you get it dialed in.
These new marketing channels can be a goldmine for you but you need to work with someone who understands how to use them. Facebook in particular offers a lot of options to reach their users. You can build out a community “Page”, advertise with images or videos. You can interact with people through Facebook Messenger or bring them to a landing page. Each of these options needs to be well thought out to make sure you’re getting actual signed cases for your marketing dollars.


Do you have an 800 lb gorilla in your market that is dominating TV marketing. It can be impossible to compete with a big law firm that has an enormous TV budget. YouTube can help to level the playing field for you. First of all, video production is no where near the cost that it used to be. Combine this with the fact that YouTube offers you the ability to hyper target your ads to people in specific areas of your community. Each view will only cost you pennies and you won’t get charged for anyone who clicks “Skip” within the first 5 seconds.
YouTube is probably not the best medium to get high conversions but it’s a great way to brand your firm on a modest budget. You need to make sure you have several spots of varying length. If you are branding yourself locally, make sure to include some of the philanthropies and community work you do.

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