How Predictive Marketing Works

Predictive Marketing is putting ads in front of people who are most likely to convert when they are most likely to convert. By tracking the attributes of people who have contacted you through your website you can model who is most likely to engage with your ad and target them specifically. First, you need to throw away any preconceived notions of how internet marketing works. Most people think you can target people by:

This is true for older marketing campaigns but our platform has the ability to track thousands of attributes and target them by:

Let’s use this hypothetical example. Say you were targeting people who may have been affected by asbestos and have been diagnosed with mesothelioma. The first thing you need to do is collect data. By tracking people who visit your site and analyzing how they behave our Artificial Intelligence can detect patterns. After enough data is collected (usually around 200 conversions) the platform will start to give us feedback on who is most likely to contact you. It could be things like:
These are just examples but they are exactly the kind of data points we look at when deciding to put you in front a potential client. And…it’s all done in milliseconds. Our platform bids on ad inventory at the exact time that specific individual is most likely to act. We are not only looking for people that fit a specific criteria, we’re getting in front of them on the device and at the time of day they are most likely to act. All of this is don in real time as the page is loading.

Timing of the Targeting

Timing is everything when it comes to marketing but we take it one step further. Most people have several devices. Your perfect client may have a:
Our technology can follow that person around and predict which device they are most likely to interact with an ad. One person may be perfect to target on their phone during their morning commute on the train while another may be more apt to click on an ad one their work computer. Knowing the right person, right device and right time to serve up an ad will give you complete control over your online marketing and drive down your cost per signed case.

Compare this to TV

TV is a great way to reach millions of people that are generally in your target market. You may know that a lot of men between the ages of 35-55 watch “Everybody Loves Raymond” but you are still only general targeting them. Our technology allows you to only target people who are most likely to convert when they are most likely to convert. This means that 100% of your advertising dollars are spent on your target audience. Predictive Marketing allows you to avoid the massive increases TV has during peak seasons. For example, TV cost tend to go up universally during:
When you use predictive, digital marketing you can avoid paying a premium for access to your potential clients.