Predictive Marketing is putting ads in front of people who are most likely to convert when they are most likely to convert. By tracking the attributes of people who have contacted you through your website you can model who is most likely to engage with your ad and target them specifically. First, you need to throw away any preconceived notions of how internet marketing works. Most people think you can target people by:

How Predictive Marketing Works

In order to know what pages need the most attention we track where each is listed on Google.  We benchmark the rankings for every practice area page from the day the website is launched.  The snapshot from our ranking tool below shows the historical data for 90, 60 and 30 days.  The “Current Rank” column shows where those pages rank on that day.  Our team uses this data to identify what pages need the most attention.  We then devise a plan to put that page into the revenue zone which is the top 5 organic results.

Content Analysis Software

Our software tools use NLP (Natural Language Processing) and Machine Learning to help us create relevant, original content that will rank in Google.  These systems can process pages of data in seconds.  A task that would take human weeks to review.  Data is crunched on over 30 different metrics of each site to determine why specific pages are ranking higher so we can create content with a significantly better chance to be at the top of Google.  This tool along with several others keeps us and, more importantly, our clients ahead of the competition.

Practice Area Page Analysis

Once we know which pages need improvement we compare that page to all of your competitors. The screenshot below shows data for a “car accident lawyer” search in Sacramento.  We look for attributes on each of the high ranking pages that could be associated with its position in Google.  That includes, word count, readability score, keyword density, inbound links, domain authority, images, load speed and several other factors.  Our team is trained to review this data and make tweaks to current pages or build new pages that will outrank the competition.

Top 10 Optimizer Tool

The screenshot below is a deeper dive into the websites that rank on the first page of Google.  By running each page through our tools and having a trained SEO review the information, we’re able to guide our writers to create better pages for you.

Keyword Usage

Once the highest ranking pages are analyzed, the software will make suggestions of which words need to be used more or less.  This information is used by our writing and SEO staff to make edits to existing pages or create brand new pages that can compete immediately.

Keyword Tool

This is a screenshot from our Content Enhancement Tool.  Our SEOs and writers both use this data to create new pages and modify current pages to improve your rankings.  Once we’ve identified a page that needs help our team runs an analysis so we can make targeted improvements.  The combination of sophisticated tools, a seasoned SEO expert and our writer team helps to produce the best page of content for your site.

Data Driven Content

These tools enable us to accomplish something that no human could do on their own.  AI provides us the data a skilled person can use to create informative, original content.  The “Writing Assistant” helps our team populate each page with the type of content we know has been successful in the market.  We look at what’s working and improve upon it to put you in the best position to rank for each practice area page.

Content Tracking

You can track all of the new content added to your website in our dashboard.  You’ll have access to this 24/7 to track your traffic, leads and new content.