Law Firm Focus Groups

Why Did I Lose That Client?

Have you ever wondered why someone signed a retainer with your competitor and not you? Was it your messaging? Was it your experience? A targeted focus group in your area will give you insights into your potential clients. Learn how they would search for an attorney, who they would call and why? Focus groups have been used by companies, political parties and yes, law firms. I’m sure you’ve heard of lawyers using a focus group to gauge how a jury will react to to a lawyers argument. This tactic is seen as effective and valuable to influence one case but the information collected in a marketing focus group can be used for every potential client you encounter.

What You Will Learn

Collecting data from your potential clients in your market is invaluable. Some answers will be unique but after completing the process there will be an accumulation of actionable data that will improve your conversion rates. Your focus group will show you the decision process from the time someone starts to look for an attorney online including:
People’s attention spans are short, especially when they are online. It is too easy to just click “Back” and go to the next result if a person doesn’t get the information they are looking for. But, what is that information? What did the person read? What image did they see that changed them from a visitor to a caller? Learning why people are clicking the “Back” button and not the “Contact Us” button can change the course of your practice? Once you know why someone is calling your competition first you can actually do something about it.

Why It Works

Our focus groups are comprised of your potential clients. Each practice area has a demographic finger print that we start from that is refined based on your feedback. A personal injury can happen to anyone. Divorce surveys are conducted with married people and can focus on men, women or both. A mass tort allows us to hyper target a demographic most likely affected by the product. After the initial exploratory call our team will put together a customized study based on your target audience, geography and the learnings you’re most interested in. We combine surveys, guided video interactions and AI to provide a comprehensive evaluation of your potential client’s decision process. All of this information is packaged and provided to you with actionable recommendations.