TV or Digital (Facebook, Google) for Mass Tort Marketing?

Advantages of TV Advertising for Mass Torts

TV still moves the needle when it comes to National advertising.  When done properly, TV is an awareness and conversion tool.  One of the biggest challenges in mass tort marketing is informing the people who have been negatively effected by the drug or medical device that they have a legal case.

Downside of TV Advertising for Mass Torts

There is no governor on a TV campaign.  You decide on your budget, book your spend and hope for the best.  Once the campaign is running you get what you’re going to get.  Even the best media buyers may just have bad weeks.  TV can also generate a lot of clients for your competitors.  Many people who see TV ads will go to the internet to do more research.  You have to have an online presence if you’re running TV.

Advantage of Facebook Advertising

Facebook gives you a ton of options for targeting your potential client.  Unlike TV, you can highly tune your ads to be shown to people who fit your target audience.  There are dozens of targeting options including location, interests, gender, and age.  If someone clicks on your ad, you can follow them around the internet and retarget them with new messaging.

Downside of Facebook Advertising for Mass Torts

There are a lot of options Facebook offers in their platform.  If you aren’t working with someone who really understands how to run a campaign you’ll just spin your wheels.  I’ve talked to a lot of attorneys who say their Facebook campaigns generate tons of leads but the quality is very low.  You have the option to run text ads, image ads or video.  When someone clicks on an ad you can engage them within Facebook or take them to a landing page.  Some people may not want to leave Facebook but Messenger communication can be difficult to  convert. Facebook is a great tool but it may take time and money to figure out the best recipe for each campaign you want to run.

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